This sturdy dopp bag in handsome blue plaid is handcrafted in Portland, OR with world-famous Pendelton wool, waxed canvas, and leather tabs.  Each kit is original and one of a kind.  They are perfect for a weekend getaway to the coast or mountains and our products fit into them perfectly.


Dimensions: 4 x 5 v 8

Coffee plaid dopp bag

  • Wool

    • Treat fresh stains as quickly as possible
    • Alcohol, Tea, Coffee, Soda: rinse with cool water first and hand wash with mild wool detergent if necessary
    • Blood: blot with cold water first and treat with enzyme soak if necessary
    • Ink: blot with rubbing alcohol. Use paper towel to gently press and absorb as removed. Rinse with cool water
    • Chocolate & Cosmetics & Oil Stains: Blot with dry cleaning solvent like Dryel or Method. Soak up soapy excess and rinse with cool water.
    • Remove excess water by gently rolling in towel and air dry flat
    • Clean wool before off-season storage

    Waxed canvas




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