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Should I use a beard comb or brush?

Updated: Apr 2

Naturally, it’s important to look good for the ladies by keeping your beard well-groomed. And so we are often asked, “Should I use a beard comb or brush?” Which grooming tool you use, depends on your habits and preferences. We explore the difference between beard combs and brushes below to help you decide.

Beard combs are effective at styling beards of any length. As you comb, natural or applied oils are drawn from your skin through your fur. Combing detangles your beard and makes it look well-groomed. Combs also have utility when trimming and shaping your beard. Beard brushes exfoliate your skin and stimulate circulation, which is especially helpful when growing a new beard. You can use a brush to train your beard how you’d like it to grow, groom the top layer of your beard, and blow dry your beard straight. In short, if you wear a beard most of the time, we recommend a beard comb; if you’re growing a new beard, use a beard brush. However, it really boils down to personal preference. Most folx we know prefer the comb but have both in their dopp kits. Try them both and decide which best meets your grooming needs. In the end, it’s up to you.

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