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Preserve your good looks during the pandemic. Tips for grooming your beard when Barbers can’t do it for you.

#1 Nurturing a new face beaver? Use a beard brush to exfoliate your skin, promote circulation, stimulate growth, and train your face fur to grow the way you want.

#2 Itchiness, beard-druff, dry, rough beard? Apply a beard oil to the skin under your beard to ease discomfort. Comb the oil from skin to tips to soften your fur.

#3 Unruly man mane? Trim the length of your beard and fly-away hairs with beard trimming scissors (not hedge trimmers). Never pull at your beard while you cut. Instead, comb or brush it through, then cut to the desired shape.

#4 Using an electric trimmer? Avoid snagging your beav by trimming in the direction your hair grows (down not up).

#5 Beards that are long or grey tend to be rough and dry. Use a beard oil to soften your fur and a balm to lock in moisture. Balms also help with styling, shape, and hold.


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