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Updated: Mar 5

The Original Goddamn Man using an electric trimmer on his beard
The Original Goddamn Man

Preserve your good looks during the pandemic. Tips for grooming your beard when Barbers can’t do it for you.

#1 Nurturing a new face beaver? Use a beard brush to exfoliate your skin, promote circulation, stimulate growth, and train your face fur to grow the way you want.

#2 Itchiness, beard-druff, dry, rough beard? Apply a beard oil to the skin under your beard to ease discomfort. Comb the oil from skin to tips to soften your fur.

#3 Unruly man mane? Trim the length of your beard and fly-away hairs with beard trimming scissors (not hedge trimmers). Never pull at your beard while you cut. Instead, comb or brush it through, then cut to the desired shape.

#4 Using an electric trimmer? Avoid snagging your beav by trimming in the direction your hair grows (down not up).

#5 Beards that are long or grey tend to be rough and dry. Use a beard oil to soften your fur and a balm to lock in moisture. Balms also help with styling, shape, and hold.

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