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Friendship, a pandemic response

Updated: Mar 17

I met Daniel Sheehan on Instagram during the pandemic. His image represents the perfect projection of my brand – an anonymous, handsome, tattooed, bearded, and stylish middle-aged man. When Daniel shared his personal pandemic crisis publicly, I was moved. I reached out to him and we became fast friends. He discovered that the owner of Goddamn Man Co is a woman. And I discovered he has many of the same qualities of men I love. He is kind, intelligent, and a feminist. He loves animals and cares deeply about people in his community. And he acts on these values.

Sheehan & Co raised funds by designing statement masks to provide over 10,000 meals for the local food bank in response to the pandemic. He supports service men and women returning home from war zones by helping with job placements. He donates entire wardrobes to men in need and he designs clothing for transgender youth to make them feel at home in their new bodies. As a men’s fashion designer, he creates clothing to help men feel confident about who they are and how they look.

My favorite thing about Daniel is how he responds to the world with snarky statement T-shirts. They help you process current events and laugh out loud. Each tee he creates has a meaning - many he created in response to the pandemic - “Back the fuck up,” “Corona virus suck it,” and “Emotional tsunami” to name a few.

My friendship with Daniel has led to a fun and mutually beneficial collaboration between our businesses. As a result, I’m excited to release "Because I'm Goddamnman" graphic statement tees. We look forward to releasing more designs soon!

Made in the USA, Because I’m a Goddamnman statement tees are ethically produced and hand-printed on Sheehan & Co’s popular strap tee silhouette. The strap tee is true to size, with flattering straps that enhance your biceps, tapered sleeves, and a tapered waist to create a trim "V" shape fit. The short sleeve is made from 100% cotton jersey. The long sleeve is made from 100% cotton French terry for a super soft feel. This item celebrates a collaboration between two small businesses - one in Portland, Oregon and the other in Los Angeles, California. Ethical fashion and sustainable grooming come together to help American small business survive.

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